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Term 2 Week 5

- I started this week working on 'Trouble in Paradise' with Carron. We spent time experimenting with guitar motifs and melodies that would build up the track and/or weave between the existing vocal lines. Carron added a lot of really lovely, folk-y ideas (I'm a particular fan of the ones in verse 2) and it's taken the track in a different direction than I had initially planned but I'd say it's for the better. I attempted to re-record my initial guitar ideas myself but I'm finding that, once Carron's motifs are in the mix, the 'amateur' feel of the guitar doesn't sound as good as I hoped - it comes across as messy not as intimate. Zack suggested in our 1 on 1 that it might be nice to re-record these on a clean electric guitar but I might get Carron to perform it this time round.

- I had a very productive lyrics class with Renée. I spent some time re-working the lyrics of one of my new songs with some of the new techniques we learned and I'm really pleased with them. I will discuss in greater depth in a separate post.

- Spent a lot of time editing the found-sound kit in Reciprocate and found it quite difficult. Bethany suggested that editing to the transients in the guitar tracks would help so I tried this and found it really helped. I experimented with cutting out the guitar in places to give the song some more dynamic shape and I think it adds a nice amount of drama. I'm still really unsure about what the percussion is going to do in the bridge/end section - I toyed with the idea of cutting it out entirely but found that the song lacked momentum.

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