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Term 2 Week 10

- This week has been incredibly disruptive for folio. Due to the COVID-19 virus, both face to face classes and access to the studio have been suspended indefinitely and I have made the decision to move back home in the mean time which has further impacted on my access to the materials I need.

- I took some initiative to send Zack over a few of my tracks digitally that I hadn't yet received feedback on. On the A Capella track, I had initially been planning to experiment with some vocal processing techniques but Zack suggested that it sounded great as was (I chose to re-record the vocals so that they were all cleaner but I have kept the track as stripped back as possible).

- Regarding the guitar track (working title Ready or Not), Zack gave a few suggestions into how I might add some low end into the mix and I intend to try them out to see which fits best. I'm also in the process of cleaning up the track - there is quite a lot of rustling and room noise once I begin to compress the audio so I'm just making sure that nothing is present in the mix that shouldn't be.

- Now that I am unable to access a lot of the studio equipment I had needed I have been forced to downsize my portfolio. I spent time going through all of the songs I had planned to record and figured out what they still needed done, what was feasible and what wasn't. Consequently, I will no longer be submitting Bethany and I's song Sugar and Spice and my song Don't Compare. Following the feedback from Zack, it was clear that S&S was not as fleshed out as the other songs in my portfolio and it needs far more time and resources than I have available. I had planned to record Don't Compare the same way that I perform it live but, seeing as I no longer have access to either the instruments or the instrumentalists I need to record a live session, I felt it was best to come back to this one at another time.

- I have sent both my Reciprocate and Ready or Not sessions over to Carron so that she can record the bass for both these tracks with the equipment she has available to her. I tried to record here at home but both the quality of the bass and the bass amp just wasn't up to scratch. I've been using the frequencies of the guitar on Reciprocate as a guide for the harmony of the bass but I'm still not entirely sure if this is the right approach. I'm hoping that Carron will add some of her own ideas into the mix to help the songs come alive a bit more. I am now beginning to finalise most of the songs that I have chosen to submit.

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